Bandon Face Rock Golf Course

Note: Bandon Face Rock Golf Course is currently closed.

Bandon Face Rock Golf Course, in Bandon OR is a one of a kind golf course not for the course itself, but for the way you play it: Hickory Golf. Formerly known as Old Bandon Golf Links, Bandon Face Rock Golf Course has been renovated from the ground up with one thing in mind, nostalgia. While you can bring your own clubs to play the course, it is recommended that you take the plunge and play Bandon Face Rock Golf Cours hickory style. With club rentals available in both 1920’s or 1880’s style, you enjoy a turn back the clock style of golf not available anywhere else. Every rental includes a set of 3 replica Gutta golf balls from the era as well, which enhances the experience greatly. Much of the equipment is authentic however, and there is nothing like looking into your bag and choosing the Mashie Niblick.

Bandon Face Rock Golf Course is a short course, consisting of five Par 4’s and four Par 3’s. While short by modern standards, the course sets up well nicely if you choose to play with hickory clubs. When playing 1920’s style, you are given a chart on every scorecard for club comparison. The Mashie is a 7-iron, the Niblick is your wedge-equivalent, and the Mashie Niblick, the first hybrid acts as a 9-iron. With 1880’s equipment, you are on your own. You have your driver, putter and 3 blades, each with varying degrees of loft. Every tee box includes a sand box, used to construct your tee when playing 1880’s style. The fairways are generally well constructed, with wetlands running throughout waiting to steal your collectable golf balls. Do not fret, you can buy extra replica balls in the pro shop if you run out. The greens run well, although figuring out your putter can be a challenge. It’s common to see sheep walking across your fairway, harkening back to the days when golf courses were less formal.

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Bandon Face Rock GC

3235 Beach Loop Dr. SW
Bandon, OR 97411
(541) 549-4653



Nine Hole Coastal Course

Rent ans play with Hickory golf clubs

Consists of five Par 4’s and four Par 3’s

Wetlands running throughout


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