Bandon Trails

Bandon Trails, near Bandon, OR, is a coastal inland venue with traditional links features that awesomely blend with classic traits of the forested Northwest. Starting atop a range of sand dunes with an opening ocean view, golfers will head for the hills through a dynamic and distinct layout. Bandon Trails is easily the most unique of the resort courses, and is nationally acclaimed despite having no beach front property. A slight variation in proximity from the shoreline creates a significant change in environment, as well as terrain. Instead of open scenery and rolling earth, Bandon Trails is heavily tree lined and has plenty of elevation change as it advances toward the coastal highlands. Thanks to the dense wooded surroundings, most of the holes are isolated from one another, and relatively sheltered from the wind. Around every corner is a pleasantly new sight of rugged links amid natural sand features and tall timber. The common Bandon trait of extreme undulation joins forces with notable topography change and strongly sloped fairways to give Bandon Trails its defining character. Concluding among the long-grassed dunes of a Pacific panorama, Bandon Trails comes full circle and successfully weaves the nature of true links golf into the spirit of the Northwest.

Bandon Trails has large landing zones, yet many strategically placed fairway bunkers require a target golf approach. While there’s plenty of room to operate, and a fair mix of user-friendly holes, Bandon Trails has many hazardous areas and the least forgiveness for errant shots. There’s ample driving space between the outlying old growth forests, however, trouble spots reside around the greens which are often tucked into unplayable and precarious surroundings. From trees to long-grassed dunes, and from coastal brush to sandy and weathered terrain, Bandon Trails has the most potential for penalizing or costly strokes. It is even home to the resorts only prominent water feature, which guards the Par 4 11th. However, the biggest challenge here is clearly the unlevel grounds throughout much of the links. The climb and descent upon the hillside creates sizable elevation changes and a common theme of sloped, filtering fairways. From tee to cup, surveying the earth is essential to shot placement. The greens are tricky based on contour and shape as one would expect. Most are large in true links fashion, yet some are “small” by resort standards. There’s a shortage of safe collection areas as many greens are tightly situated among the various elements mentioned.

About Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, on the southern coast of Oregon near Bandon, OR, is a world class golf mecca, and a defining piece of the puzzle regarding the quality and diversity of Northwest golf. Golf enthusiasts travel from all corners to experience this collection of nationally acclaimed golf. From the forested coastal inlands to the weather-shaped dunes of the ocean-front links, Bandon Golf Resort offers four captivating courses that are worthy of any golfers bucket list. Continuously topping the charts of many accredited golf rankings, Bandon is more than just a premier golf destination; it’s like a trip abroad to Scotland or a history lesson of golf and how it was intended to be played. Hand-crafted by nature, and plotted by man, Bandon Golf Resort has captured the spirit of the old game to the Northwest golfers delight.

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Bandon Trails

57744 Round Lake
Bandon, OR 97411
(888) 345-6008


World Class Resort Golf

Awesome blend of the forested golf and coastal links

Heavily tree lined and has plenty of elevation change

The most underrated course on the Resort

BLACK 392 214 549 408 133 395 440 321 567 3419 418 445 242 401 325 406 530 180 399 3346 6765 72.8/132
GREEN 356 166 532 363 124 359 406 299 522 3127 393 429 235 374 306 367 494 163 372 3133 6260 70.6/128
GOLD 288 142 513 334 114 315 373 283 497 2859 369 398 220 354 292 323 466 114 336 2872 5731 68.2/123
Men's Handicap 13 17 3 5 15 9 7 11 1  10 4 18 12 14 8 2 16 6   
PAR 4 3 5 4 3 4 4 4 5 36 4 4 3 4 4 4 5 3 4 36 72 
ORANGE 212 84 455 315 104 293 351 243 456 2513 326 382 192 308 251 296 437 92 267 2551 5064 70.8/126W
Ladies' Handicap 13 17 5 7 15 9 1 11 3   10 4 18 6 14 8 2 16 12    


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