Lake Oswego Golf Course

Lake Oswego Golf Course is a fine little municipal course, exclusively comprised of Par 3’s, in Lake Oswego, OR. To refer to this track as a “pitch-and-putt” would be selling this one a bit short. The holes are legitimately lengthed, mostly ranging from about 130-180 yards. Because of this, Lake Oswego is a good course for better golfers to work on their iron play and short game, or for less experienced golfers to play 18 holes without being overwhelmed. In fact, some of the holes are listed as Par 4s and 5s for junior boys and girls, which makes this a great place for youngsters and other novices.

Lake Oswego is plotted along a modest hillside. The front 9 is a bit more condensed spatially, as the holes run alongside each other and are partitioned by tree lines. The back 9 is more spread out, and arguably more impressive. It takes you the furthest from the clubhouse, and requires some navigation through heavier trees and some protected wetlands near the base of the grounds. There are no bunkers or water hazards, which again, makes this course conducive for any golfer. The greens are small, and many of them have a tabletop quality to them. Additionally, there is no fringe cut along their perimeters which adds to the difficulty of landing an approach. Challenging attributes, such as this, is what makes Lake Oswego an engaging course for higher skilled golfers too. The greens are generally in fair shape, and provide a smooth roll and medium speeds.

Lake Oswego is a small, but complete facility. Aside from 18 holes, the grounds include a standard pro shop with retail items, a driving range (up to 200 yards), a couple small practice greens, and a café and dining area. Handicappers will be unable to post their scores from this Par-54 track, so the objective here is to practice and have fun.

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Lake Oswego Golf Course

17525 Stafford Rd.
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
(503) 636-8228


Executive Eighteen

Eighteen Par 3's varying in distance

Less experienced golfers can play 18 holes without being overwhelmed

Good course for better golfers to work on their iron play


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