Meriwether Golf Course

Meriwether National Golf Club, in Hillsboro, OR, is a simple and straightforward golf course, but has a lot to offer. Meriwether has 27 regulation holes, and a 9 hole executive course. The official 18 holes for Meriwether is comprised of the “West” and “North” courses, respectively. They are the most challenging of the sides with some typical obstacles to contend with. The “South” course is built upon flat, open farmland, and is clearly the easiest of the regulation sides. Lastly, the “Executive” course is a fun and challenging Par 30 course with several short Par 4s and a nice mix of Par 3s. Regardless of your skill level or current golf mood, the grounds of Meriwether will serve your purpose.

Meriwether is a complete golf venue overall, with adequate practice facilities to go with it’s diverse offering of on-course experiences. They have a standard driving range with covered mat surfaces. Practice greens exist near the starting hole of each of the full length sides. The traditional-style clubhouse is a large, white building with a stately appeal. It houses a nice proshop with plenty of retail items, and a large restaurant and bar, looking out upon the 18th hole.


Meriwether West & North is a traditional style 18 hole course of moderate difficulty. The grounds are simple and mostly flat, much like the surrounding farmlands. The course has average sized landing zones, but many of the holes dogleg around trees and out-of-bounds areas that are unforgiving to errant tee shots. With no fairway bunkers, and a lack of contrast between the rough and fairway cuts, top priority is to simply put your tee shot in play. Greenside bunkers exist on every hole, but most are favorably shallow. There’s very little water on the course, with the exception of a couple of the Par 3s. The greens are a mix of easy, flat surfaces and testy, breaking surfaces. In season, they’re servicable in condition and provide ordinary speed and roll.


Meriwether South is a wide open 9 hole track, and a great regulation course for learning the game. There’s a little bit of trouble in several forms, but relatively speaking, this is an easy course. The grounds are entirely flat and very simple. The Par 4 1st and 9th holes share a large water hazard, but the course is mainly dry otherwise. Greenside bunkers exist on every hole, some of which are fairly challenging. Aside from this, minimal trees and no fairway bunkers contribute to an unintimidating layout. A couple of holes border out-of-bounds areas, but they are avoidable thanks to ample landing zones. The greens offer some nice breaks, and are much like those of the West and North sides.


Meriwether Executive is a standard executive course, with a collection of short Par 3s and Par 4s. The longer holes on this side have open layouts, while the shortest of the Par 3s are tucked into a grove of trees. There’s a little bit of water, but no sand. The greens here are arguably more difficult than those of the regulation courses. They are typically elevated a bit and offer some big breaks. The Executive course is excellent for laid back fun, short-game practice and on-course experience for newcomers to the game.

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Meriwether Golf Course

5200 Rood Bridge Rd.
Hillsboro, OR 97213
(503) 648-4143


Full Golf Complex

Grounds include three nines and an executive course

18 Holers generally play West and North

South is the newest and reserved for nine hole players


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