St. Helens Golf Course

St. Helens Golf Course, located in Warren, OR is a rural 9 Hole course with many quirks and obscure features not found on many courses in the area. Plotted among farmland a few miles west of St. Helens, this course has been serving the local community for 50 years, and in some areas has begun to show its age. Your first impression is positive, as St. Helens has an well maintained clubhouse and restaurant on site. Additionally, as you walk up to the first tee, an attractive rock wall greets you. Unfortunately, the course is not as well kept, although it appears progress is being made on that front. It is not uncommon to have your ball end up in a thicket of weeds, or lost just off the fairway in a mound of hay left over by the mowers.

St. Helens Golf Course has a unique mixture of holes, with 7 Par 4's, along with a single Par 3 and Par 5. Many holes have severe doglegs, allowing longer hitters the ability to cut the corner and drive the green on more than one Par 4. Another oddity is the Par 4 7th Hole. This hole provides a rare opportunity for players opting for the back tees to tee off in front of the other tee boxes. At only 191 yards, an eagle will be on your mind as you tee it up. There is no variation of cuts, the fairway and the rough are the same length. The greens tend to roll on the slow side, and can be a bit bumpy.

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St. Helens Golf Course

4105 NW Hazen Rd.
Warren, OR 97053
(503) 397-0358


Laidback Rural Nine

9 Hole course with many quirks

An attractive rock wall greets you on the first tee

Many holes have severe doglegs


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