Tour Striker Training Aid

The Tour Striker training aid, designed and developed by Bend native and former Tetherow Golf Club General Manager Martin Chuck is a one of a kind training aid destined to help your ball striking abilities. The key to the Tour Striker is a sawed off club face, leaving only the sweet spot for impact. Many high handicappers attempt to lift the ball in the air with their swing instead of letting the natural loft of the club do the work for them. The Tour Striker forces players to learn how to strike down and compress the golf ball.

With the limited club face available, players are forced to think about their swing to make solid contact with the ball. Try to catch the golf ball on the upswing, or catch it on the toe and the lack of forgiveness on the Tour Striker will penalize you every time. Forward shaft lean is a must to get the ball in the air with the Tour striker. This will take time for the average golfer to get used to, but once you do you will find yourself hitting the ball more consistently and farther than you ever have.

The Tour Striker is available in 5-Iron, 7-Iron, 8-Iron and Wedge in both a steel and graphite shaft. In addition, it is available in a Pro 7x Model, designed for lower handicappers and those with a swing speeds in excess of 100 MPH. Finally, Tour Striker recently released a Ladies and Junior model, which comes one inch shorter than the traditional models and a Graphite shaft. Tour Strikers can be purchased at and cost $79.99.

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Tour Striker Training Aid